Kanakakunnu is Getting Ready for GKSF December Fest

The Kanakakunnu Palace is the venue of the GKSF December Fest to be held in Thiruvananthapuram.

The GKSF December Fest will be held at the heart of the capital city on December 25 on Christmas morning to January 5. Kanakakunnu is getting ready showcase different facets of the Fest. The Fest will include an exclusive segment and exhibition on traditional handicrafts of Kerala. The handloom industry has designed new programmes to elicit public participation in the design of traditional handloom products. All well-known handloom and Khadi manufacturing units will line up in the Fest. The GKSF will also include campaigns to promote the tribal-dalit-backward castes into mainstream trade and commerce.

The Mela is also aimed at giving an impetus to tribal communities and showcase their culture to visitors at the Fest. The GKSF has made arrangements to help the tribals and other traditional handicraft workers to sell their products without depending on intermediaries and middlemen. The festival will feature an ‘Adivasi Ooru’ displaying delightful authentic delicacies from tribal cuisine and other ethnic products. The ‘Adivasi Ooru’ is a recreation of an Adivasi (Tribal) settlement offering the visitors a peep into tribal life. Thatched huts, paddy fields and other scenes from the daily life of the tribal community will be a unique sight for those visiting the Decemeber Fest. Practitioners of tribal medicine will also be present offering cure to different ailments.The greatest attraction of the Fest will be the ‘Theyyam’, an ancient traditional art of Kerala from North Malabar. Performed in a customary fashion in the backdrop of the ‘Theyyakkavu’ (Theyyam grove), popular characters like ‘Pottan’, ‘Chamundi’, ‘Karuvaal Bhagavathy, and ‘Vishnumoorthy’ amongst others will come alive in the performance of this dance form. The GKSF authorities have also made arrangements for school children in the city to view the art form being performed as well as learn more about the intricacies of ‘Theyyam’.

Night markets and Road Shows which will be part of the Mela will provide a novel shopping experience for the consumers. The best trader and consumer will also be selected at the Fest. The night market would sell different products ranging from antique cars to a wide variety of items in different categories.

News Sourced from “Kaumudi City” dated 17.12.2011 & Yentha.com

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One Response to Kanakakunnu is Getting Ready for GKSF December Fest

  1. Veena Pramod says:

    wht will be the timings of the fest?

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