Technopark Bicycle Club

ABC( Athi’s Bicycle Club) – the unique cross country bicycle club to start the new bicycle club in Technopark “Technopark Bicycle Club”.The bicycles for travel within the campus will be made available from end of this month. The initiative will be completely managed by Athi’s Bicycle Club, which is already leading a similar initiative in Thiruvananthapuram city. Technopark-based Allianz Cornhill has sponsored the purchase of over 50 bicycles to be shared by men and women staff in the ratio 4 to 1.Technopark will provide parking space for the bicycles at four locations.

All users will require to be registered for use of the bicycle at a token price.This is expected to encourage techies to use public transport to reach the gate and then ride bicycles to reach the respective buildings.

For more details about ‘ABC’, Click here

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2 Responses to Technopark Bicycle Club

  1. Samyek D says:

    The cycles of the club are very ill maintained. Most cycles tyres are deflated & there is not even a place to fill air! Only the name /banner plate is cared!

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