Oriental Research Institute & Manuscript Library,Thiruvananthapuram

Oriental Research Institute and Manuscripts Library is an academic department of the university of Kerala. It has a history of about a century, and now done substantial work in the field of Indological studies.  It has come in to existence out of royal interest. The kings of Travancore, as a rule, were valorous as well as lovers of art and literature. Srimulam Thirunal was mainly responsible for the spread of Oriental literature through out the world.  It was he who instituted the department for the publication of Oriental manuscripts which in due course grew into the present institution.

Situated at the beautiful scenario of Kariavattom Campus, the Department is symbolically the converging point of Eastern and Western architecture. The building became a reality, due to the timely efforts of former Central Minister, Dr.S.Karan Singh. His dreams came true in 1982, when the department was officially inaugurated at Kariavattom.

The Documents Library present inside the ORI & MSS Library was established along with the parent Institute and having the printed document collection of more than Fifteen thousand (15,305) including the gifts.

The aim of this library is to provide study and research facilities to the M.Phil students, teachers and research scholars of our Institute as well as the post-graduate students and scholars of the other departments under the Kerala University.  The students and scholars from other Universities and Institutions abroad may also be allowed to use the resources of this library.  Average of 10-15 users’ visit and use at least 25-30 documents per day.   The working hours of the library is from 10.30 am to 4.30 pm (no lunch break) in all government working days.

The news article is sourced from “City Kaumudi” dated 19.11.2011

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