IISE Partners with PMI to Develop Trivandrum as Social Innovation Hub

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (IISE) is joining hands with Project Management of India (PMI), Kerala chapter, to develop Thiruvananthapuram as a social innovation hub.

Trivandrum Global City of Innovation (TGCI), a concept to strive for social change occurred to Sabriye Tenberken during an offbeat moment when she grew tired of listening to people refer to her city of residence as “geographically displaced”. Tenberken who has already displayed her passion for social change by successfully implementing Braille Without Borders – an international organisation for the blind in developing countries – said she is motivated to change the laidback image of Thiruvananthapuram.

“The IISE runs a practical high-quality hands-on programme. Many of the students at the IISE are embarking on a journey of self-confidence. Some of them come from totalitarian regimes, so to even entertain their ideas is a big deal. I am happy with the way the IISE has been running but I felt the need to expand my ‘dream factory’. People are always complaining about how far down Trivandrum is, so I say let’s turn the map upside down and put the city back on top,” said Sabriye Tenberken who is busy brainstorming for the TGCI.

Rajeev Rajasekhara Panicker, chairman, PMI, said it is looking forward to partnering with the IISE. “We will assist it in around 50 projects. On November 19, a high-level planning committee will meet at the IISE to formulate a draft policy. At present, ideation is in full swing. Anyone who has a workable idea that would change the society they live in is welcome to join us and present a concept. Education, waste management and green energy are the focal points. The IISE is in the process of getting government approvals for the various projects,” he said.

The prototype of the IISE’s TGCI multi-purpose solar cell that can run anything from lamps to cycles is almost ready. Reusing pet bottles for eco-construction is also on the cards. “The TGCI project aims to develop Trivandrum as a model for social innovation and bridge social needs with the help of NGOs and volunteers. PMI’s volunteers will ensure spreading of best practices and will help bring in TGCI concepts to life,” said Panicker.

News source : TOI

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One Response to IISE Partners with PMI to Develop Trivandrum as Social Innovation Hub

  1. Jothish Nair says:

    Sounds really exciting. Trivandrum has the potential to develop into world class city. However the people of this city should come out of their arm chairs and use their imagination and talent.

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