University College,Thiruvananthapuram & Teaching Cafe !

What is unique between University College,Thiruvananthapuram and State College of Florida,USA?

Here is the answer :

About 40 graduate students led by Prof. Anna Vigliotti, an Adjunct Professor of the State College Florida (SCF) are collaborating with 15 Post Graduate students of the University College,Thiruvananthapuram led by Prof. K.P. Jaikiran using Web 2.0 technologies. The website promoted by Prof. Vigliotti,  and the website promoted by Prof.Jaikiran of the University College,Thiruvananthapuram provide the online platforms needed for students and teachers collaborating across class room boundaries.

We wish Prof.Jaikiran and his team all the very best.

This above article was published in “Mathrubhumi Nagaram” dated 10.11.2011.

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One Response to University College,Thiruvananthapuram & Teaching Cafe !

  1. Jaikiran says:

    Many thanks for highlighting and supporting this initiative in Higher Education. A new semester begins in the Teaching cafe in Jan 2012 and it is going to be more interesting. Do keep checking on

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