Sri MK Bhadrakumar IFS, writes….

Sri Bhadrakumar retired from IFS, has held Ambassadorship of India in many capitals of the world and is an influential thinker on national and international affairs.  His line of reasoning usually is one of reconciliation

A reference about Thiruvananthapuram in his blog that caught this blog’s eye 🙂

The mystique of Thiruvananthapuram never wears off – even after a 62-year old life spent in 10 different capital cities in the world. What a splendid sight that a chief minister would subject himself to a punishing Mass Contact Programme in the heart of the city in an open public stadium where he would hear out public grievances for 15 hours at a stretch from 9.30 am on Thursday all the way till 12.30 am on Friday.

Oommen Chandy received 28000 petitions and took on-the-spot decisions on 20000 of them. I wandered aimlessly among the milling crowd in the sweltering heat and watched the drama unfold, walking back home as dusk fell, recalling the strange emotions drifting across the mind when I first stood in front of the the iconic fresco of the hand of God giving life to Adam, painted by Michaelangelo on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome.

Again, where else but in Thiruvananthapuram could India’s defence minister A.K.Antony come and lament that Gandhiji has few takers now amongst we Indians! And that too when the militarization of India’s foreign policy is so far advanced under his own stewardship. But unlike Chandy, Antony was being merely perfunctory.
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One Response to Sri MK Bhadrakumar IFS, writes….

  1. george says:

    Sir, Shri MK Bhadrakumar’s opinion in the foreign affairs are tremendous. His view and
    opinion sometime though visual media is definitely adorable. His onions are great and
    acceptable. May God keep him happy and healthy.
    Thanks George Joseph

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