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Welcome to Startup Corner!!

We plan to showcase the startup scene in Trivandrum. India .  Our first post features Waybeo Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, a startup focusing on unified communications.

WaybeoWaybeo‘ started operations in 2009 at Trivandrum. Their flagship business communication platform ‘BounzD‘ has gained considerable visibility and market acceptance in the business communication market. With several recognitions coming its way from industry bodies like NASSCOM and with strategic association with global telecom giants like Verizon, Waybeo is well on its path to become a leading brand in global communications space.

Not resting on its laurels, the firm has shown innovation and application of its core platform in areas that caught the imagination of the public in general.  Recently, Waybeo launched an online service in Trivandrum to buy crackers.   The website, became an instant hit and many Trivandrumites logged into the site to buy crackers for this Deepavali. The ‘Call Us‘ feature provided on the website is based on ‘BounzD‘ platform and many users personally told this blogger about the excellent customer support experience the feature has provided.

In his conversation with the blogger, Bushairusalam, CEO of Waybeo, talks about the team’s vision and the startup ecosystem in Trivandrum.

The Beginings.

The team was formed and fine tuned eventually. It was not a sudden formation of team, but a natural selection and gathering of individuals who shared same vision. 6 co-founders were joined over a period of time to venture with formal organization.

Waybeo‘ was incepted as Waybeo Info Solutions, as a non registered firm by students of SCT College of Engineering in 2007. During those days, as an informal organization, we were into Web services. It was always our dream to come up with globally relevant products from India. We had a group messaging platform serving thousands of customers in India. Mr Shiv Shankar, Mr Bijoy Bs, Mr Manudev, Mr Nithun KV were part of these initial set up. Except Bijoy (Mar Ivanios College), everybody was from SCT College of Engineering.

At the same time, Mr Krishnan RV Iyar a lecturer at Mar Baselios College of Engineering, but facing the entrepreneurial lock to do something his own. His close association with his college mates inspired him to join along with the team. He joined the team well before the company was taken as a formal organization.

Myself, Mr Bushairusalam AP, was 2 year senior to these young graduates and working with Tata Consultancy Services, Bangalore. Like Krishnan, I was also stuck with passion for entrepreneurship and had already ventured into different initiatives in Bangalore. But my passion for Technology business made me join with the Waybeo team.

Thus, the team felt that these 6 have the capability to meet and endure through the rough path of entrepreneurship, we decided to take our organization to a formal one.

One of the best parts I feel in my entrepreneurial journey is this natural process of evolution which gave me one of the best team. Anybody who get connect with Waybeo team would understand the complementary skills of the team which I consider a pure luck.


As I mentioned before, we were always passionate and inspired by technology products that would create values to the human lives. When we ventured as a formal organization, what we did was to sit together for days and identify what we do need to in life and what is driving us. We were passionate in the happiness of the people who benefit out of our services. Thus, we decided that whatever products we make should create values to human lives and that will be our vision for the generations to come in the organization.

We envision co-creating values to human lives through innovative technology solutions. Co-creation is a power concept which will be deriving the marketing and product engineering in the coming decades. We also believe that any solution which does not consider values to the people associated with will not have sustainability in the long run.

Our mission is to be a 100 Crore INR organization by 2015.

Where we are now

Our biggest turning point was the shift from a service company to a product based organization. I believe still most of the established companies are trying to, but stuck in different strategic bottle necks. Our shift took nearly 12 months of boot strapping and parallel supporting through services. We launched our first product “BounzD” which is an inbound business communication platform. Within short span of 3 months we have got nearly 180 customers.

As an early stage product company, we do understand the trajectory of growth for attaining our mission of 100 Crore revenue and rolling up our sleeves for a performance driven execution.

Why chose Trivandrum?

In a true sense, we did not choose Trivandrum out of several options. Most of us were just out of our colleges and of course, we were all studied in Trivandrum. So we simply started where we are comfortable with.

But once we were into the ever learning path of entrepreneurship, we had got couple of options to shift our location. But as a boot strapping enterprise, it is always better to leverage the best available opportunity for us.  The opportunities were the support from our friends, family and our early employees who stood by us. This might not be possible if we had shifted before aligning our sales and marketing activities.

Now we understand, we were in right track in choosing Trivandrum as a development center place because of the availability of talents, entrepreneurship support system which is one of the best in India, we must say. The support we have received from Technopark and other community here has taken us into a different level.  We also see a good future for Trivandrum, as Tier I cities are getting exhausted and businesses choose cities like Trivandrum and Mysore.

Start up eco system in Trivandrum 

In the path of entrepreneurship, the toughest path is “to start”. Most of the people stuck at this step with lots of what ifs. Trivandrum is one of the best place to start ventures. Once we start, depends on our business model and products, the demand for eco system changes. If we target global market with an innovative product, it is very important to move out the marketing activities out of Trivandrum for a better result. There are several reasons like test market, customer’s presence, the value of recognition and increased visibility in global level. In this case, Trivandrum would be a better place for product engineering activities.

Eco system is a collective measure. The difference is visible if we take companies from Kerala and Bangalore. If we compare one of the most recognized company in Bangalore and most recognized from Kerala. We need more success stories from Kerala to attract investors, conferences like Nasscom product conclave.

On improving the startup eco system in Trivandrum

There are some must haves for an eco system. Investors, Platforms for recognition, more presence of association like Nasscom and CII, Technology and business mentors and over all, increased branding of Trivandrum as such to compete with even Indian cities.

After all, we believe that entrepreneurs can come and make success if there is a good eco system. But it needs visionaries to create an eco system. So Trivandrum has to produce more entrepreneurs with bigger vision and values. Our entrepreneurs in Trivandrum should aim for the stars and dedicate our flesh and blood for it.

Wishing Team Waybeo the very best!!

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