Do we need Bullet Trains?

Over the last few days, a High Speed Rail system linking Trivandrum to Bangalore and Chennai, as well as to Mangalore, has been proposed. While this seems like a sure-shot way to enter the 21st century in terms of infrastructure on the heels of Japan, France and, most recently, China, do we really need bullet trains at cost of over Rs.1,60,000 Crores ($ 34 Billion)?! Read More

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4 Responses to Do we need Bullet Trains?

  1. Symon says:

    HSR is not required for a state like Kerala. (May be in other states of India where urban sprawl is concentrated to few places, HSR might be viable) In Kerala more airports (either International or domestic) are required. For the same or less money, we can have world class airports in every district

    Lets look at features of HSR

    Speed – HSR doesnt have speed advantages over aircraft
    Cost – HSR when built will be of high cost than aircraft
    Ease – Current railways are easy to use. The same will not be true for HSR as it will mirror a airport set up. So there is no inherent advantage
    Security – HSR requires security all along the track, which is not the case for airports
    Technology – If this is only for technology showcase, it will pay rich dividents if its used for current railway set up. You dont need technology just for speed alone. There are other things like, power tranmission, engine, turbine, railway sleepers, better cars, passenger facilities, toilets etc. in short it will be money well spend

  2. MRT1234 says:

    India continued expanding its rail infrstructure from the rail system leftover by British in 1947; this meant that we have been building our rail infrastructure based upon 19th century rail technology,. When other countries are moving to high speed rail corridors, India is not able to do so because of it being stuck with 19th century rail technology! There are limitations to increasing speed on existing rails due to the outdated technology.

    It is high time we move to HSR and other alternative modes of transport as china has been doing since past many years. In this context, I welcome the HSR proposed between Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore & Trivandrum.

  3. kanbay says:

    I dont think we need a High speed railway, The use of a techonology is determined by its need. There are many points which is worth to consider. 1. We are always very poor on maintenance which is not acceptable for this kind of technology. 2. It will takes decades to complete based on the current politics. 3. Many people will loose their land. 4. In my opinion we are looking for more things without correcting the base things. 5. The value we get from this kind of service is negligible compared to the cost.

    a) None of the ministers cared about the current road system and/or how to decrease the accident rates in the roads,b) no body thought about how to increase the agricultural productivity of kerala (given the fact that we have one of the best climates in the world for crops). c) No minister is interested in increasing the facilities in government hospitals(given the fact that the best doctors works in government) d) No minister is interested in improving the eco system or make the environment more green.

    Overall I believe ministers are interested in things which are flashy, which give them names in the media and which involves big money.

  4. SETHURAM V K says:

    The answer is simple. This is not the need of the hour. But land being so scarce in Kerala, it is advisable to identify and acquire land for expressway ,HSR etc. aligning it thru hinterland where land prices have not skyrocketed before it is too late. It is also advisable to create land banks of 5-10000 hectares in all districts for other initiatives. Besides, any campus/industry planned in Kerala should necessarily adopt a layout with taller structures and not-so-sprawling campuses.

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