TRDCL Withdrawing from Improving Two Major Junctions in the City

It is indeed a very sad news that Thiruvananthapuram Road Development Company Ltd.(TRDCL) is withdrawing from the improvement of two major junctions, Asan Square at Palayam & the Vellayambalam Junction, which are to be improved under Thiruvananthapuram City Roads Improvement Project (TCRIP). TRDCL submitted the project report to modify the junction and roundabout at Vellayambalam,which is one of the busiest junction in the city, by incorporating the existing statue of late social reformer Ayyankali and to install traffic signals to control and ease the traffic.The Asan Square at Palayam was rennovated by the city corporation by violating the agreement of TCRIP.These two junctions are part of the 42 km TCRIP, in which TRDCL has to maintain for 15 years as per the agreement.

Now the big question is “Which is valuable,Statue or Human Life?”

News Sourced from “Metro Manorama” dated 20.10.2011

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