Hang Out : All Over a Cuppa at Manaveeyam

The tea shop at the far end of the Manaveeyam Veedhi at the Althara junction in Thiruvananthapuram is a peaceful resort away from the crowded Vellayambalam-Vazhuthacaud and Vellayambalam-Museum roads.

Every evening, students crowd this tea stall. This hangout is a recent discovery by young professionals and college students looking for a break from their hectic schedules and converge at the tea shop for a chat and a snack.

“Ten years ago, I used to go there as a school kid when I wanted some time alone under the shade of the trees. However, in recent years, the place has become crowded with youngsters,” says Afsal Jaleel, an engineering graduate. “If 10 girls come together, they chat about guys. But if guys talk, they discuss anything under the sun — be it films or politics, science or sports, memories and sometimes even girls,” he adds with a smile.

Nithin S., a city-based IT professional says, “This is the only shop open even at 5 am. Many serious discussions about my life have taken place here. The one common feeling by everyone here is their love for the city.”

The tea stall is a place where one’s social circle grows bigger every day (who needs Facebook?), vouches Rinu George, a businessman, who moved to Kochi and misses his evening hangouts at Manaveeyam. What attracts him to the spot is the parking space, the youthfulness, and freedom to laugh as loud as one wants, the coffee shop and above all, the those shady trees! “It’s like we get together at Aalthara every eve, and decide what to do for the rest of the day, if nothing turns out, we will just sit there sipping coffee and talking till late in the night,” he says.

Note :- The blogger is very much thankful to “Deccan Chronicle” for bringing such a beautiful article.Expecting more such from Deccan Chronicle.

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