Thiruvananthapuram set to host Global Ayurveda Festival

Thiruvananthapuram will host the Global Ayurveda Festival, purported to be the biggest event ever of its kind to kick off in the State, from February 9 to 14 next year.

The event will package a host of programmes ranging from international seminar, expert clinics to exhibitions, a spokesman for the organisers said here.


An organising committee has been set up with well-known physician Dr P. K. Warrier of the Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Sala as Chairman. Dr G. G. Gangadharan is the Working Chairman.

The Minister for Health, Mr Adoor Prakash, will release the brochure for the event at a function to be held here on Thursday. Mr Palode Ravi, MLA, Chairman of the Reception Committee, will receive the first copy of the brochure.

The Centre for Innovation in Science and Social Action (CISSA) is the main organisers for the event. The Ayurveda Department of the State Government will be co-sponsor.

The event is being held with a view to promoting the Ayurveda system of medicine at the national and international levels and restoring its old glory in Kerala, its own cradle.

News Sourced from  The Hindu Business Line (Click the link for full story)


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