Thiruvananthapuram Increasing Band Width

Members of Purple Blood

The red spotlight drops on the stage, the strumming of the guitar begins and there is vigorous cheering from the crowd.

Heads swing in every direction while bodies sway to the drumbeats that pick up pace by the minute. Sweat drips from the long curly hairs and feet tap in unison with the growling voices, followed by headbanging and moshing.

Welcome to the world of rock lovers and metal fanatics, whose numbers are growing exponentially in the State’s capital,Thiruvananthapuram.

With every college vying to arrange the best fest, the rock bands in the city are in demand and mushrooming. “The crowd that enjoys heavy metal has increased in the city over the years but there are still many who consider rock as mere ‘noise’,” says Ashwin Gopakumar, vocalist of Purple Blood, one of the State’s most popular band.

“Apart from competitions and college shows, we also perform at openings and do gigs in pubs. We’re planning the next major gig in December in Thiruvananthapuram,” adds Ashwin.

However, though Thiruvananthapuram now has more bands than ever before, there are not enough opportunities for the budding musicians to perform. Rocksault, a name that music aficianados in the city wouldn’t easily forget, has now taken a break.

“We lack a platform. Apart from college shows and pubs, there is no stage available to us,” says Vivian Varghese. An all-rounder, Vivian was the lead guitarist of Rocksault and is now the drummer in another admired band called Soulburn, which is all set to release a single named 3 am Sleep.

As a self-taught musician, he is now excited about forming a one of its kind, three piece Jazz trio involving Yakzan Gary Pereira of Chappa Kurishu fame and Ben Sam Jones.

For the young crowd, it is not just a fashion but also a passion. Inspired by Metallica, Pantera, Slayer and Iron Maiden, they learn to strum the guitar and play with the drums, jam together and craft rock bands.

“We just released a single based on anti-terrorism named Chosen One, and there were a surprising number of positive reviews. I just got placed in Tata Engineering Services but that wouldn’t hinder my musical career,” says Yedurag from Eclipse Alchemy, a band of final year engineering students from College of Engineering, Thiruvananthapuram.

Facebook plays a vital role in promoting these bands.

Rock lovers are updated about the various gigs happening around the city. “We get tremendous response in the form of likes to the Youtube links,” says Sandeep, the vocalist of Blind Fate, a four-year-old band.

Sourced from Deccan Chronicle

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