Kovalam Literary Festival: A “Thiruvananthapuram Payyan” writes about his Roots

Author and journalist Binoo K. John is the moving force behind the magnificent Kovalam Literary Festival.  Here is a Hindu Article on his book “The Last Song of Savio de Souza” set in Thiruvananthapuram, which was released.

Novel notes from a scribe


Senior journalist and writer Binoo returns to his hometown, Thiruvananthapuram, to unfold his saga of a “tragic love story” in his maiden work of fiction – The Last Song of Savio de Souza. After penning three non-fiction books (Curry Coast: Travels in Malabar 500 Years after Vasco da Gama, Under a Cloud: Life in Cherrapunji, the Wettest Place on Earth, and Entry From Backside Only: Hazaar Fundaas of Indian-English), Binoo logged in to key in a story about loving, yearning, losing, and living…, all set against the backdrop of the tsunami that struck Kerala in 2004.

Calling his book a “cry for rational thinking in Kerala,” he says it is also a “tragic love story.” explores issues that have been thrown up because of the inroads made by religious revivalists in the State.

The city launch of the book will be at DC Books Store, at 5.30 p.m. on July 23. as he returns to his roots for inspiration. 

On setting the story in Thiruvananthapuram

I think all authors yearn to return to their land of birth to narrate their big story; it is a mystical relationship. In my case, I have been always been attached to the city I grew up in. I know the pulse of the place, and so many places such as Vettucaud church, St. Joseph’s School, where I studied, and so on… feature in the novel set in a place called Puram.

Thank you dear Binoo for not forgetting us !!!  We are yet to get the book in hand, but a friend who did read it, vouches for it and compares it to Naipaul at his best.

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