Kids@Thiruvananthapuram to NASSCOM – “Why not Equal Opportunity for all Colleges?” Nasscom says “Sure, Give us a Chance”

Article Sourced from Mathrubhumi Nagaram dated 01.10.2011


  • A smart kid asked a good question to the NASSCOM biggies: Why this discrimination by employers against colleges who don’t have cosy relationships with their recruiting companies?  Wont that affect good talent joining the firms?
  • NASSCOM was receptive and plans to come up with a “pre-placement program” with a written test as eligibility criteria for ALL colleges
  • This blog is happy to note that the spirit of the late Dewang Mehta (the legendary NASSCOM President from 1991-01, who put India’s name on the top of world IT and the funnest guy to interact with at a personal level) is alive in NASSCOM, in the way they came up with a solution to the kid’s question.
  • This blog feels there are “Top 100 Engineering Colleges of India” lists going around nowadays, that are certainly of a questionable nature, considering some of the premier engineering schools of Kerala (with storied alumni) getting lower rating than relatively new schools with no known alumni or academic achievements.  This kid’s appeal to reason makes sense in that context – normalize all colleges’ standing, by an independent test shorn of all other hype.
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