NIIT NGuru : NIIT brings tech wizardry to schools in Thiruvananthapuram

NIIT Ltd has announced the launch of cutting-edge ICT-enabled solutions for the schools of tomorrow, under the aegis of ‘NIIT NGuru’.

These aim to bring in a paradigm change in the way teaching is accomplished and learning delivered in schools in Thiruvananthapuram, says Mr Hemant Sethi, President, School Learning Solutions, NIIT Ltd.


The cutting edge solutions seek to improve the efficacy of teaching and learning experience for school administration, teachers and students alike, he said.

NIIT NGuru is a holistic range of school learning solutions that transform the process of teaching and learning simpler, bringing back the joy of learning to students.

It is an integrated and comprehensive teaching, learning and education resource planning solution for schools that has been designed to addresses the needs of all key stakeholders.

The NIIT NGuru suite consists of interactive classrooms – an end-to-end teaching learning solution for classrooms that uses elements of interactivity, automation and web links library.


The mathematics laboratory comes with Geometer’s Sketchpad software, multiple teaching and learning aids such as technology applications, videos, manipulative, measuring instruments and theme-based ambience.

The IT Wizard equips the students with core computer knowledge and IT skills while Quick School provides an Education Resource Planning solution for school management.

The Mobile Science Lab is a portable computerised science laboratory which enables students to correlate scientific concepts taught in the class to real life.

Designed as per the recommendations of National Curriculum Framework-2005, NIIT NGuru Interactive Classrooms integrate the teaching, learning, assessment and analysis processes through optimisation of technology, Mr Sethi said.

NIIT has provided computer-based learning to over 15,000 Government and private schools, he added.

News Sourced from Business Line

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