Kovalam Literary Fest : Pakistani Writer Hanif cleared for India visit after Visa Glitch

Pakistani writer Mohammed Hanif, whose visa file was misplaced by Indian Home Ministry, has been given the go-ahead to attend a literature festival in India, event organizers said on Wednesday.He is scheduled to take part in Kovalam Lit Fest Oct 1-2 in Thiruvananthapuram. He was granted visa after a spell of confusion on Wednesday afternoon, director of festival Binoo John told India Asia News Service IANS. “But logistical problems are still there. Hanif’s passport is in Islamabad and he is in Karachi. I am trying to work out shortest possible way to fly him to Kerala before the festival,” John said. Writers from Pakistan who take part in Indian literature festivals are often denied visas or are granted one at the last moment, making their journeys logistical nightmares. On Tuesday, Hanif expressed displeasure with loss of his visa file. “After waiting for my Indian visa for four weeks, have been told my file is lost somewhere in Home ministry. And this for a lit fest which is sponsored by Indian foreign min. So they invite you, then go ummm may be not (sic),” Hanif tweeted.

News Sourced from One Pakistan News

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