Technopark Increases the Financial Profile of the City

News Sourced from Mathrubhumi dated 23.09.2011

  • One of India’s largest and greenest IT Hub, the Technopark has made significant contribution in raising the profile of Trivandrum’s local economy.
  • Despite this, the city strongly maintains its unique cultural identity and has not allowed this to influence its existing marriage profile, cultural festivals and cinema
  • 80% of those who are not employed in Technopark says, the IT Hub played a positive role in their financial status, by increasing their property values and leases.
  • Need for Trade unions in IT was rejected by a large section (43.3%)
  • A sampling of local opinion on those whose land got acquired shows dissatisfaction at the type of jobs offered as compensation, as most of them were contract opportunities rather than permanent jobs  (Comment from this blog’s editor: This could be due to the fact that the IT firms that took up space in Technopark cannot guarantee IT jobs without adequate qualifications or background)
  • Lack of shopping avenues in the vicinity of IT Hub is considered a drawback that needs to be rectified, considering the tremendous potential of  thousants of high-income individuals working there
  • Survey throws up ideas of a bond based compensation device for future projects, so the people whose land got acquired can better enjoy the high growth of IT in Trivandrum
  • Survey and analysis conducted by IIM-Kozhikode students
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